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Field of Glory Promotion 2019!

For all the new Field of Glory players needs PWS Ltd have combined their new FoG tools and measuring rods into a complete Field of Glory Starter Set: FoG-04


1. The new tool set FoG-02: 6 brass tools 2,3,4,5,6,7 inches and 4 positioners

2. FoG Base Camp: 120mm x 80mm- PCSB-06

3. The Zone of Control and Interception markers.

Full price £ 43.26 plus P&P

Promotion price £35.99 plus P&P

15mm DBM : Contains a mix of 75 steel bases.
40mm with by 15mm, 20mm, 30mm & 40mm Depth 
25mm DBM: Contains a mix of 50 steel bases.
60mm Width by 20mm, 30mm,40mm & 80mm Depth 
In The Grand Manner: 25mm scale. Contains a mix of 45 steel bases of your choice.....
Please specify 
Principles of War: 15mm scale
Contains a mix of 75 small or 45 large steel bases
Warhammer Ancient Battles: 25mm scale
Contains a mix of 75 steel bases.
 15mm Tournament DBM Pack: Contents FoG-01 and MX100
15mm 9 piece gaming set plus 75 steel bases: 40mm
25mm DBM Pack: Contents CMT-2A 
25mm 8 piece gaming set plus 50 steel bases: 60mm
15mm DBM Pack: Contents CMT-3A and MX 1.
15mm 9 piece gaming set plus 75 steel bases: 40mm 

Please note: steel bases are no longer supplied primed and painted-just the naked galvanised steel! Feel the Naked Steel!